Women don’t usually pay much attention to their upper body during their workout sessions. There are many reasons for that. For example, women are afraid of being masculine. This is actually the myths. Since women don’t have much of testosterone hormone, it is impossible for them to make their arms muscular and their shoulders wide and unproportional. So, you can keep on working out,

Women also think that arms are not the problem zone and fat is not accumulated there. This is a myths number two. Fat layer can easily cover arms and shoulders. Fat arms can spoil the way your body look, even if your legs look toned and your butt is perky and round. So, this should be an argument for women to pay attention to their biceps, triceps, and shoulder workout.

Women don’t need to use weighty dumbbells for workout, unlikely men. Fitness trainers usually suggest to take middleweight dumbbell set, which is 3-5 pounds. You should start with the lightest weight, if you are a newcomer in sport. Increase the weight, as it becomes easy for you. Don’t stop and keep on working out.

We know it might be hard to keep your motivation, but you should remember what is your aim. We also suggest that you keep track of your results. The program that we want to suggest you takes only 9 minutes to complete.

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#1. Two-Armed Bent Over Row with Bottles

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#2. Glute Bridge with Triceps Extension.

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#3.Triceps Kickbacks

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#4. Biceps Curls

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#5. Lateral Raises

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