Legs comes to be the most important part of our body and we should focus on losing fat from our legs and thighs. Having heavy and fat legs can be really uncomfortable but most women suffer from destroying thigh fat.

Women who experience heavy thighs tend to lose their ability to be active. If you want to lead a healthy life you should have fit lean body. Heavy thighs do not let you wearing beautiful jeans and they can result in severe rashes between the legs if you walk or run.

If you want to tone your thighs and shape your legs it is high time to start this training routine. You will obtain wonderful results if you do all the ten move mentioned below or you can pick up five of these moves and add them to your daily routine.

This twenty-minute training routine consists of gate swings, side lunge sweeps, sumo squats slide in, chair poses close, side shuffle switches, low lunges with isometric addiction, attitude to side extensions, weighted inner-thigh lifts, kneeling adductions and side plank lifts. These moves activate your inner-thigh muscles, improve your flexibility and strengthen your body. This amazing training routine provides you with beautiful toned legs and thighs.

Perform this effective workout four time a week in order to build the body of your dreams. Are you ready to start? Scroll down to see the instructions in order to avoid injuries. Let’s get it started, ladies!

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#1. Gate swings

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#2. Lunge sweeps

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#3. Sumo squats slide in

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#4. Chair step ups

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#5. Leg Adduction with Chair

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#6. Low lunges with isometric addiction

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#7. Attitude to alternating extensions

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#8. Weighted inner-thigh lifts

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#9. Kneeling adductions

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#10. Side plank lifts

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