Today more and more people are starting to fight with excess weight. They start eating healthy foods and performing physical exercises regularly. Some people also like detox drinks which help to boost their metabolism and flush the toxins out of the body.

However, very often the beginners in this area don’t know how to do everything properly. That’s why they are more inclined to make mistakes which stop them from achieving desirable results. As a rule, these mistakes relate to dieting.

Today we are going to help you. Here are foods that you should avoid in order to lose weight. Some of them seem to be rather harmless, but the truth is that these foods stop you from losing weight and getting the body of your dreams.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#1 Sugary drinks

Thousands of people all over the world are fond of various sodas and other drinks filled with sugar. However, you should know that these beverages are very harmful for your weight loss goals and health in general.

These drinks contain high amounts of calories and can provoke weight gain and serious health conditions. That’s why you should replace them with sugar-free drinks to lose weight and stay healthy.

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#2 Coffee

You should know that black coffee without sugar and other sweeteners will be useful since it helps to boost your metabolism. We are talking about sweetened coffee with cream, chocolate and stuff like that. All these drinks contain a lot of calories and cause weight gain.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#3 Salad dressings

We all are used to add some dressings to our salad to make it delicious. However, some of these dressings are harmful for people trying to lose weight. You should avoid various creamy dressings.

They contain a lot of calories and will provoke weight gain. If you are trying to lose weight, it’s better to add homemade, oil-based dressings to your salad. They are safe and beneficial for your health.

#4 Milkshakes and ice cream

These foods are one of the most popular desserts. It’s not surprising since they are really delicious. However, you should know that they are packed with sugar and fats. If you want to slim down, you should avoid these foods. It will be better to replace them with fresh fruit smoothies.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#5 White bread

We all like the amazing smell and crispy crust of fresh white bread. Unfortunately, if you want to lose weight you should remove it from your daily meal plan. White bread is made of refined flour that has the same impact on your body as sugar. Besides, bakers usually add white sugar to the dough. So, it’s better to choose gluten free bread which is harmless for your weight loss.

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#6 Pizza

Although pizza is usually baked in an oven, it is still harmful. It is prepared of foods which contain a lot of calories. Besides, it’s usually made of refined flour. However, if you are a great lover of pizza, you can cook it at home using only healthy ingredients.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#7 Sugary breakfast cereals

The producers of such breakfasts usually claim that their production is completely healthy and useful for our health. The truth is that they usually add white sugar to these breakfasts. You should consume only healthy cereals that contain a lot of fiber and low levels of sugar.

#8 Bakery goods

I bet we all are great lovers of cookies, pies, cakes and other bakery goods. Unfortunately they contain the complete set of harmful ingredient: sugar, refined flour, and unhealthy fats. That’s why you should stop eating them, if you want to lose weight. It’s better to replace all this stuff with fruit, nuts and other healthy snacks.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#9 Candy bars

Sugar, fats, refined flour and other harmful ingredients are used to produce candy bars. That’s why you should definitely remove these foods from your daily meal plan. If you want to eat something sweet, it’s better to replace candy bars with some fruit or berries.

#10 French fries and potato chips

These are one of the most popular foods all around the world. They are rather tasty. However, French fries and chips are cooked with a great amount of oil. They absorb it and become a high calorie food. That’s why if you are going to slim down, you should remove French Fries and potato chips from your diet.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#11 Beer

We have all heard phrases such as “beer belly”. The truth is that drinking beer really causes the formation of belly fat. It contains a lot of calories that cause excess weight gain. That’s why you should stop drinking beer, if you want to lose weight.

#12 Fried chicken

This food is packed with proteins and can cause various health conditions which can be rather dangerous. If you want to consume protein, it is better to eat fish, beans, eggs and other foods of this kind. If you still want to eat some chicken, you should bake a chicken breast.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#13 Hidden sugar

You should know that before buying processed foods, it’s highly important to read the label. Producers can hide sugar under different names, such as corn syrup, molasses, and many others. All of them are harmful for your health and cause weight gain.

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