Have you been looking for an effective challenge that will help you lift your butt and tone your hips? This thirty-day training routine can do that! This workout is aimed at activating and enlarging your butt and boosting your hip strength. By performing this workout, you will shape your hips and booty in thirty days!

Before you start exercising, you should get one thing straight. This thirty-day challenge requires hard work and willpower, as you cannot get your dream body overnight. In order to obtain the best results, you should eat healthy and follow this plan.

Maybe you have read articles asserting that you cannot change the shape of your hips. But that is not exactly true, as you can activate the growth of hip muscles by using special moves. All you need to do is make an effort to achieve your goal.

In order to start this training routine, you must find the necessary equipment. You will need a resistance band and a set of ten to fifteen pound dumbbells.

You should perform two separate training routines, targeting your glutes and hip muscles. Scroll down to break down each move and find out how to perform these moves properly. You can use a thirty-day calendar that shows you the number of sets and repetitions for each exercise.

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Exercise guide

#1. Dumbbell Single-Leg Squat

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#2. Single-Leg Hip Thrust with Chair

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#3. Dumbbell Deadlift

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#4. Squats with Fitness Ball

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#5. Lunges

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#6. Leg Adduction with Chair

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#7. Single-Leg Balance Lunge with Fitness Ball

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#8. Bend Over Cross Stretch with Chair

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Your 30-day plan!

Day 1 - 15 reps of each(3x).

Day 2 - 20 reps of each(3x).

Day 3- rest day.

Day 4 - 10 reps of each(4x).

Day 5 - rest day.

Day 6 - 10 reps of each(4x).

Day 7 - rest day.

Day 8 - 20 reps of each(4x).

Day 9 - rest day.

Day 10 - 15 reps of each(3x).

Day 11 - rest day.

Day 12 - 15 reps of each(4x).

Day 13 - rest day.

Day 14 - 25 reps of each(3x).

Day 15 - rest day.

Day 16 - 25 reps of each(3x).

Day 17 - rest day.

Day 18 - 25 reps of each(3x).

Day 19 - rest day.

Day 20 - 20 reps of each(3x).

Day 21 - rest day.

Day 22 - 30 reps of each(3x).

Day 23 - rest day.

Day 24 - 30 reps of each(4x).

Day 25 - rest day.

Day 26 - 35 reps of each(3x).

Day 27 - rest day.

Day 28 - 35 reps of each(3x).

Day 29 - 35 reps of each(3x).

Day 30 - rest day.

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