Each girl dreams of an ideal figure with a flat stomach and elastic buttocks, but does not always recall the importance of tightened slender hands in giving a sculpted silhouette. It is not necessary to use the services of a fitness trainer or, if you do not have free time and financial limitations, you can train at home.

Exercises for hands without dumbbells for women and girls are represented by different options and difficulty levels. Such training exercises the muscles of the hands, which are clearly visible on the surface (triceps, biceps, brachialis), and also involve deep-lying muscles. With regular active sessions in combination with proper nutrition, you can see the first noticeable changes quite quickly, in 2-3 weeks.

Before performing the exercises, you should warm up the muscles and prepare them for a more serious load:

The mill. From the position directly with the legs on the width of the shoulders, it is necessary to alternately rotate the arms around the circle: the right arm through the back is lifted upwards, and the left hand down, then the right one is lowered from the front and the left is raised through the back. Do the exercise in an accelerated rhythm for 30 seconds.

Hands rises. Connect the legs and lower hands down. During the jump, spread your legs at the shoulder level, while the hands rush upward with the dilution to the sides. Another jump is to return to the original position. Repeat at an accelerated pace for half a minute.

The circles. Stand in a straight position and bend your arms in front of the chest so that the elbows rush in different directions. Flatten the shoulder blades and perform 2 movements to the back, then straighten the arms to the sides and in the same way execute the movement. Exercise ahould be done 10 times.

Now, let’s get to 4 main exercises.

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#1. Plank

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#2. Push-ups

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#3. Tricep Dip

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#4.Triceps Kickbacks

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