Nowadays, it is very popular to have a booty like Kim Kardashian. Hey, don’t even think about plastic surgery! There is no need to spend lots of bucks on this procedure, think about your health! Do you remember about effective methods such as diet and exercise? Well, we have designed a 10-minute workout for your butt. Only 3 exercises, 10 minutes a day and your dream can come true!

This butt-workout includes 3 effective exercises such as Squats (lift your butt), Lunges (For shape), and Bridges (tone your buttocks and thighs). These exercises can help you get a firm and lifted butt, and also strengthen the muscles of the lower back and legs, which contributes to better posture and general overall health.

However, nutrition is also as important as exercising. You need to consume more fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy foods. Also, you should consume certain amounts of fat (15-30% calories). Don’t forget to drink enough water!

Just remember one thing, you can change the size and shape of your booty by training hard and lose fat by eating properly. Let it be your mantra! Just do it!

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#1. Squats (lift your butt)

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#2. Lunges (for shape)

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#3. Bridges (tone your buttocks and thighs)

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